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Communications training and mastery program with executive, leadership and individual team member coaching

Diane has crafted this course to ensure lasting change that transforms the culture of an organization from the foundation up by empowering individuals through conscious communication from the inside out. The course is much deeper than merely learning skills and techniques. By weaving individual coaching sessions alongside the on-going group discussions, each member's needs are addressed. Team members learn how the synergy of individual transformation then reshapes the company itself from the ground up, regardless of their position or role, into a thriving culture of success.

Executive and leadership coaching

Executive Coaching is an integral part of the program. The training aspect strives to educate and build the individual and team skills needed for effective communication. The Coaching helps ensure more effective and lasting change.

As an Executive Coach, Diane works with clients to face the personal and corporate challenges that hinder their success. Executive Coaching is an effective component of the Communication Mastery Program and also offers clear benefit to those who undertake coaching for personal transformation.

Leadership, and Individual Team Member Coaching fills the gap between information and personal growth that busts through past limitations. This ensures better and more lasting results for everyone.

Detailed Course Description

Common issues impacted by the program

  • How can we reduce conflict, disruptive behavior, and employee turnover?
  • How do we embrace change to create a culture of success?
  • How do we grow workers into leaders and take our leaders to the next level?
  • How do we inspire excellence at all levels?
  • How can we ease the challenges inherent in growth?

"Yesterday's presentation was an eye opener for me. I really got focused on things I need to work on. It is refreshing to actually understand why some of my problems at work are happening"

- KT, Vancouver WA