Coaching For Professional Women

Diane is passionate about guiding executives and professional women to activate their full potential to create Rewarding Careers, Successful Relationships, and Happy Lives. 
By combining solution-focused coaching with ideas from traditional psychology and indigenous healing, meditation and intuition, and communication skills, and gem essences for healing and rejuvenation, the process is easy, effective, and uplifting.   
Diane's clients reduce stress and find balance, increase confidence, and empower themselves to become highly effective. They find happiness choosing their own path to success. 
Understanding who you are and what gives your life meaning is the core out of which Diane’s clients make their best life choices. What follows is happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind. 

When people have the information they need and are still not getting the results they want, Diane guides her clients to tap into their deepest knowing to gain clarity, build strategies, and take the steps needed to stay-on-track to make their dreams come true. 


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Common Questions Resolved:

  • How can I Release Stress and improve Work/Life Balance?
  • What does Success mean to me?
  • What’s my next Career Move?
  • How can I become a more Effective, Inspiring Leader?
  • What's my best way to Create a Bigger Impact?
  • How do I move beyond What's Holding Me Back?
  • How can I better stay-on-track to Reach my Goals?
  • What gives my life meaning? Who am I? What is My Truth?
  • How can I create Healthy, Loving, Supportive Relationships?


Think Creative * Act Strategic * Aim for Excellence

"It is incredible how unresolved conflict from the past inhibits our ability to be present with obstacles in our life path. Diane Dreizen is a gifted Life Coach and intuitive that understands the practical aspect and solutions to these obstacles as well as the rich complexity from which they arise. Her loving, informed and clear guidance can pierce through the fog of inhibition until you find yourself on your path to success and fulfillment. Thank you, Diane, for helping me on my way!"

- JW, Portland

Fulfill your Dreams
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