General guidelines for use

Take 7 drops twice daily as needed. Consistent use is vital to success. You can take drops directly into mouth, or in a small glass of water or juice. Gem Essences are stable and not diluted by external substances such as peppermint toothpaste or coffee, as are some traditional homeopathics.

Larger quantity dosages are not more effective and do not cause overdose. You can adjust the intensity of a remedy by how often you take it over time. The more often you take it, the stronger it is. Failure to use as directed, however, can trigger temporary discomfort.

These remedies can enhance and work well with other modes of healing, such as meditation, massage, or coaching. It is not necessary, but many people find that a few moments of relaxation, meditation, or affirmations right after taking a formula, can enhance effectiveness.

What to expect

People experience the effects of the remedies in different ways. One person might feel a wave of energy followed by clear calm. Another might feel a release of pent-up emotions including a release of associated physical or emotional pain. Others feel uplifted or inspired to creative expression, or make a leap in spiritual insight and wisdom. Some people just feel better but aren’t sure why.

Most often they are taken daily over a period of time, commonly 1 to 6 months.

Over time, thoughts and attitudes that create limiting patterns become more apparent. This increased awareness becomes a window of opportunity for further change. These remedies gently and compassionately bring forth to consciousness that which you need and are ready to use for desired change.

Occasionally, people experience a mild worsening of symptoms before getting better. This is an indication that the remedy is working.

Each person is unique and best results are attained when formulas are created specifically to match each person.

Often, a series of essences are needed to encourage deeper changes.

It is not possible to become addicted to Gem Essences because as you integrate the “lessons” of the gems' energy pattern, the effects of the essence become neutral.

For follow up consultations, questions, and reorders, please CONTACT DIANE

"I like working with Diane because she is very professional in her approach. She has a confidence in her remedies, and in herself, that gives you the assurance they work. And they do. I know from personal experience. I am pleased whenever I can refer someone to her."

- LB, herbalist, Portland, Oregon


"Diane’s listening skills and her acute intuition have been a key factor in her helping me with my career and personal life. I was amazed by the flower/mineral essences that were put together specifically for what I needed. I was a bit skeptical at first and was so excited that they work! The one essence helped with my cravings and another helped me to relax."

- LL, Beaverton, OR