Curious what EarthSky Gem Essence Remedies can do for you?

August 5, 2019
Here's one of my favorites: Trust Yourself
true story
Originally I made this formula for myself. I wanted to become good at giving presentations. Problem was, whenever I stood up in front of 3 people or more, my knees and voice started shaking, my face flushed and hands sweat. I became scared I'd forget what I going to say.
I made up this essence and took it before my first presentation. Success! I delivered ...   read more


August 4, 2019
Whether you are
mentoring children through their formative years
stressed-out, overwhelmed, or in emotional pain, or
wanting to learn & grow into your next level of wisdom and effectiveness
The fundamental question I encourage my clients to explore is: Who do you want to be?
Everything else follows:
What you do in life
The choices you make, and
How you feel 
When you're ready to activate ...   read more


June 19, 2019
A couple of years ago I took a sabbatical from my coaching business.  During that time, I went deeper. My mastery leveled up and I honed my “go to” tool kit with new modalities that create greater effectiveness. As I began to ease back into my practice it became clear that my old website (created over ten years ago) does not adequately reflect who I am and how I operate in 2019.
The phrase that ...   read more

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