Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration

November 4, 2019
Take out a sheet of paper or copy/paste these questions onto a note on your phone. Jot down what comes to mind. Then feel free to reply to this message and share them with me!
3 Simple Questions to help you Activate Your Full Potential
What does "Activate Your Full Potential" mean to you?
If you were to step up and do what it takes, What's the Opportunity Now?
Why would you care about this? Why else?
Wherever you are ...   read more

Curious what EarthSky Gem Essence Remedies can do for you?

August 5, 2019
Here's one of my favorites: Trust Yourself
true story
Originally I made this formula for myself. I wanted to become good at giving presentations. Problem was, whenever I stood up in front of 3 people or more, my knees and voice started shaking, my face flushed and hands sweat.                                       ...   read more


August 4, 2019
Whether you are
mentoring children through their formative years
stressed-out, overwhelmed, or in emotional pain, or
wanting to learn & grow into your next level of wisdom and effectiveness
The fundamental question I encourage my clients to explore is: Who do you want to be?
When you know Who you are it becomes your "rudder" and everything else follows:
What you do in life because you know what's ...   read more


June 19, 2019
A couple of years ago I took a sabbatical from my coaching business.  During that time, I went deeper. My mastery leveled up and I honed my “go to” tool kit with new modalities that create greater effectiveness. As I began to ease back into my practice it became clear that my old website (created over ten years ago) does not adequately reflect who I am and how I operate in 2019.
The phrase that ...   read more

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