A strange yet important question to ask yourself in these unprecedented times...

June 23, 2020

This may be a strange yet important question to ask yourself in these unprecedented times: Do you feel empowered?
Now more than ever, women are being called to claim their power. In times of crisis, women are strong and resilient. Especially now, we all must look within. We must find that source of power and strength to make our best choices. We have an opportunity to face our challenges and claim our power. But what does that feel like?

When you are empowered you:

  • Understand who you are and what you want with clarity.
    • This is your compass for making good choices.
  • Tap into your deeper knowing for true confidence.
    • Knowing for sure!
  • Ask for what you want.
    • The more you ask for the more you get.
  • Make choices from your heart not out of fear.
    • Be true to yourself.
  • Get the encouragement & support you need to be courageous.
    • Take worthwhile risks.
  • Build inspiration, grit, and the resourcefulness it takes.
    • Keep going until you get what you want!

The Truth is, you get to this place by tapping into Your Own Power. It's not something anyone gives you. You Choose it.
When you feel lost at sea, a guide can be your best resource. Sometimes a catalyst with the training and customized tools for you (like gem essences and meditation) is needed when you are feeling stuck.
When you're ready to claim your power fully, contact me.
I will guide you to grow into your next levels of success; your own path, your own way, as we navigate these challenging times together!

So I ask you, how empowered are you feeling these days? Go ahead and contact me and let me know where you are.


 Diane Dreizen

Life and Career Coach


  • Coaching Professional Women to Create Rewarding Careers, Successful Relationships, and Happy Lives
  • Communications Training/Coaching for Executives, Leaders, and Teams to become Smarter, Stronger, and More Effective 
  • Guidance Through Life’s Journey for Meaning, Wisdom, and Happiness
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