Activate Communication

Communications training and mastery program with executive, leadership and individual team member coaching

Diane has crafted this course to ensure lasting change that transforms the culture of an organization from the foundation up by empowering individuals through conscious communication from the inside out. The course is much deeper than merely learning skills and techniques. By weaving individual coaching sessions alongside the on-going group discussions, each member’s needs are addressed. Team members learn how the synergy of individual transformation then reshapes the company itself from the ground up, regardless of their position or role, into a thriving culture of success.

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Communication in the Workplace

Walk into Mastery

Improving Organizational Culture Through Team Member Communication

This Communication in the Workplace program is intentionally crafted to apply to all positions and skill levels, from front line workers to the executive team. This interactive four-part program unfolds over four months. It takes your employees from a detailed overview of communication principles, through a personal assessment and workshop to practice these new skills and wrapping up with a deeper understanding of how effective communication improves relationships, organizational values, and culture over time. 

At the end of this program all attendees will have a clear understanding of effective communication, how it impacts the larger culture, and the skills to make it happen. They will come away with tools to improve their own personal communication challenges, which includes written material with all the information provided in the program.

This program is customizable to meet your specific needs.

Part One:

Fundamentals of Communication - Foundational Overview with Techniques

This two-hour presentation provides a broad overview of the foundation of good communication, “how the brain works” and highlights specific skills. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of topics such as listening skills and mentoring and written material that includes all the principles discussed in this program.

Part Two:

Review, Group Assessment, One-on-One What's your next step?

This phase of the program starts with a short review of the fundamentals learned in part one. Each attendee is invited to think deeply about their own challenges and assess where they currently are. After this, employees are each provided a 15-minute individual session to express their needs moving forward and identify their next step. This helps participants identify where they are stuck and what next steps should be pursued.

Part Three:

Communications Workshop - Practice, Practice, Practice

Once your employees have learned the Fundamentals of Communication and received their One-on-One Personal Assessment it is time to practice, practice, practice. This is an in-depth skills class that allows each participant to really work with the concepts taught in the first session. This practice is crucial to ensure that employees become comfortable with the concepts so they really stick beyond this program.

Part Four:

Communication and Organizational Culture - What's Possible?

By this time, staff should be actively using their new communication skills in their daily lives and seeing the benefits in their teams and departments. This session wraps up the program with a recap of the skills learned and opportunities for questions and answers. Each employee should come away with a clear understanding of their personal impact on the corporate culture and how each can improve it through their own behavior. (This program can be a stepping stone for deeper individual/group work around respect for diversity; including sexism, generational values, racism and cultural variations.)

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is vital to the success of this program. Buy-in from the top shows a strong commitment to culture change and sends a clear signal that this investment in human capital is important. If the front line and middle management are implementing the new techniques and insights from the program but the leadership team is not using them as well, the chances of long lasting success and culture change are drastically reduced. The executive coaching is the glue that holds it all together for lasting improvements.


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