Career Coaching for Women Professionals and Leaders

Are you leveraging "who you are" to lean into your next level of success?

For many women, this is the question of being a professional woman in a traditionally male-dominated society. Although the women’s movement has gained traction, many of us have still grown up believing that we should put others first, that we need to be likable, and that we have to prove ourselves while subtly being undermined. As a result, even when we achieve notable professional or personal success, many feel overwhelmed, stressed, and may lack confidence or direction.

While you have likely developed habits that led to your current success, they may not serve your future self, such as micromanaging or excessive multi-tasking. These habits may leave you treading water in a job that isn’t a good fit, not knowing which direction to take or capping your potential.

If this sounds familiar, I’m here to help. I am passionate about empowering women like you to become smarter, stronger, and more effective in everything they do. As part of our work, you’ll learn to tap into your inner truth and build confidence to make decisions that lead to your next level of success.

I’ve owned thee businesses in the male-dominated dental industry over a span of 24 years, and during that time I learned what it takes, on both the practical and personal level, to thrive in a leadership position and build a business with few women mentors. I learned to set boundaries to reduce stress and balance work with whole life aspirations; I honed my ability to discern when to take strategic risks; I discovered how to find determination to keep going through difficult times and stay motivated through inspiration and flexibility; and I demonstrated how a woman can lead with grace and confidence in a “man’s world.” I am passionate about empowering women to have both a career and a fulfilling personal life, and the path to success is easier with an experienced coach to guide your journey to self-discovery.

Over my 15 years+ of coaching, I’ve found that the greatest transformations happen when my clients really open themselves up to new possibilities and learn to listen to their own inner voice. I specialize in creating the right conditions for you to discover your truth and then move forward with confidence and purpose.

Unhappy and feeling stuck? Unleash your potential through career coaching.

Are You Asking Yourself...

My Approach

During an initial discovery session, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll explore what’s really important to you, and what’s getting in your way. My goal is to meet you where you are and suggest personalized next steps that are right for you and responsive to your unique needs. If you choose to move forward to receive Career Coaching on a consistent basis, our work together will help you get results during sessions and continue the momentum in between sessions as new insights emerge.

The ability to calm your mind and become present can be difficult in today’s go-go-go environment, which is why many of my tools help you focus inward so that you can attune to your inner voice for answers and direction. I adapt a variety of modalities to help you listen to, trust, and follow your inner wisdom. I blend the life coaching skills of results-oriented open-ended questions such as “What do you want?” and “How can you get that?” with ideas from traditional psychology and indigenous healing, the insight of meditation and intuition, and pragmatic communication skills, along with the art and science of homeopathic gem essences for uplifting, healing, and rejuvenation. Along the way, you’ll develop skills to achieve better balance and manage stress. We’ll focus on where you need to grow and function at your full potential. This journey is different for everyone, and our work may include reducing stress and implementing the day-to-day practical skills of managing your work, building the knowledge and confidence to try new approaches and take strategic risks, or fundamentally shifting ideas, emotions, and actions that keep you from succeeding on your own terms. Along the way, we are flexible but always guided by what resonates with you.

As your path is revealed, we work together, guided by this knowledge, to create lasting change. I offer processes, strategies, and tools to help you keep on track, grow and learn, stay inspired to move forward with grace, and trust yourself to make your own best choices.

Communication In The Workplace

This Communication in the Workplace program is intentionally crafted to apply to all positions and skill levels, from front line workers to the executive team. This interactive four-part program unfolds over four months. It takes your employees from a detailed overview of communication principles, through a personal assessment and workshop to practice these new skills and wrapping up with a deeper understanding of how effective communication improves relationships, organizational values, and culture over time.

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