Meet Diane

I see the thread of my life’s work as a blend of who I am and what I have aspired towards, honed in by painful and inspiring challenges I have learned from throughout my life.

I found the more I let go of others’ truths and made my own decisions, the stronger and happier I became. With a background in Business and Psychology, I now use my own experiences to help empower other women.

As a solution-focused life coach guiding people to aspire towards what they want and how to get it, I have created a blend of psychology with alternative, natural and indigenous modalities of healing and rejuvenation that I find to be more effective when used together.

Wherever you are on your path through life, whether it is finding direction or refining wisdom, I’m here to assist you in creating your best life.

My Story

I grew up in a family and community with narrowly defined rules of belief and strong judgments about behavior. While my family was loving, they were constantly coping with mental illness. After being sexually abused at a young age, I began to question authority. As a teenager, I was encouraged to conform, yet, the more I tried to fit in by looking and acting like others, the sadder, angrier, and more isolated I felt. I was deeply frustrated not feeling heard, and I didn’t have the skills to solve my problems.

When the opportunity to receive a higher education presented itself, I embraced it. With the support of my mother, I went through training and received my cosmetology license. Then, I left home to work my way through college. I knew one thing for sure: if I was ever going to be happy, I had to figure out who I was and what I believed on my terms. This decision was the key that propelled me on a trajectory to learn and understand my truth and individual path through life.

I read voraciously to learn new ideas, began to practice yoga and meditation to reduce stress and studied psychology to understand why people behave as they do and how they could change. The concept of self-actualization was particularly resonant with the path I was already on. My quest to transcend my family and personal history inspired me to help others. But my life took a couple of detours.

I experienced sexual violence again in college, which was incredibly difficult to process. As I went through the long and winding healing process, I began to step out of the box of mainstream science to explore and experience other world views, traditions, and modalities of healing. During my fourth year of college, I became disillusioned with Freudian psychology as it didn’t seem to heal people.

As I shifted college majors, my interest in healing became more keen. I was inspired to go deeper into the experience of alternative modalities of healing and rejuvenation. I dove into Taoist Self-Healing Meditation and homeopathy. At the same time, I embraced my creative talents and decided to help others through dental laboratory technology. I loved sculpting & coloring dental prosthetics and later expanded my work to reconstructive maxio-facial prosthetics.

As the owner of multiple dental laboratories for over 26 years, I learned the practical and entrepreneurial skills of operating a successful business and the personal skills I needed to succeed:

  • The determination to keep going through difficult times while never losing sight of what inspires you
  • How to manage stress by setting boundaries to balance work with family & whole life aspirations
  • When to take strategic risks by staying flexible and resourceful
  • How a woman can lead with grace and confidence in a male-dominated industry
  • The challenges you lean into reveal the strength and courage you never knew you had
  • As I let go of others’ truths and made my own decisions, I became stronger and happier. I worked hard and rose to the challenge of succeeding in business, relationships, and whole-life balance.

After working in the field for years and experiencing multiple work-related health issues, a new branch of psychology took hold. So I revisited my training and studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its application through Life Coaching over the next three years. I realized that I could leverage the lessons and skills I acquired through the multiple facets of my life to empower other women.

Solution-focused Life Coaching is based on scientific studies of successful people and what works. I meet my clients where they are and guide them where they want to go. While aiming toward what you aspire to, I offer tools and techniques to help clients get organized, build thinking skills, create new habits, and stay on track to succeed with ease & efficiency.

Over time I have created my own blend of psychology with alternative, natural and indigenous modalities of healing and rejuvenation that I find to be more effective when used together. Two of those key tools are meditation techniques and a therapeutic approach using my own Homeopathic Gem Essence Remedies.

I am passionate about empowering women to become smarter, stronger, and more effective in everything they do by guiding them to tap into their inner truth and knowing, to understand who they are and who they aspire to become. Then use this knowledge as a rudder to make decisions that inspire them to create their best life.

Kind Words