Caring for yourself and finding balance…

One thing is certain for most of us; our lives today are very different than they were just a few months ago. It’s amazing to look back at what has transpired in the world. Even if you haven’t lost income and your daily routine has not changed much, we are just not living the way we used to.

Where do you fit into all this?

Likely you are doing your part to speak out on what you believe and care for those who need help. But are you caring for you?

Caring for yourself means finding a balance. Are you staying balanced? If not, consider that there’s no better time than NOW to find or regain your balance. Now more than ever we are each called to regain a sense of self.

Here’s what that could look like:

  • Leveraging your full potential
    • You might be thinking “How can I leverage my full potential when I’m still in my pajamas at noon?” The term doesn’t mean your external circumstances look shiny and perfect. It has to do with how you feel about you on the inside.
  • Creating equilibrium
    • How much of your time is spent on social media? How about watching the news? It can be so easy to become transfixed by what’s happening in the world now. The process I take you through allows you to naturally flow into a state of balance with your time and actions, because it starts with inner balance.
  • Plan your future
    • Some days it’s all we can do to just be here now, and get through today. And there is wisdom in staying present. But you can feel the difference between presence and preoccupation with the now moment of what’s going on “out there.” Changing things out there has to start within, and means pressing play again on your life.


If there’s one thing I wish for you, it’s the passion and resiliency to live the life you love no matter what circumstances are “out there.”

So how can you begin to make this happen?  

  • Step 1: acknowledge “what is”
  • Step 2: focus on what you want
  • Step 3: find the tools and support you need to get there
  • Step 4: make a plan
  • Step 5: set it in motion
  • Step 6: create the life you want


This might sound oversimplified I know. But what if the simple way is the best way forward?

When you’re ready to do what it takes, I’m here to help you make it simple. To guide you to empower yourself to create the life you want. Yes, even now.

Contact me and let’s talk.


Diane Dreizen

Diane Dreizen

Diane studied Clinical Psychology at Ohio State University, Solution-Focused Life Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming at Erickson College International. 

Diane has been a business owner for over 35 years and has spent most of her life studying, practicing, and teaching Meditation. She is an intuitive Master Gem and Flower Essence Practitioner.

Diane manufactures her own line of Homeopathic Gem Essences to support personal growth and wisdom. With her extensive background and experience, Diane pulls it all together to share her unique approach: Tap into Your Own Wisdom to Activate Your Potential!

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