Gem Essence Therapy

Gem Essence Therapy is a uniquely powerful healing process that creates strong and lasting results.

Diane’s skill as a Master Gem & Flower Essence Practitioner combines her knowledge, experience, and strong intuition, along with her Coaching skills to guide her clients through the process. Her clients bring their willingness to try new things, go deep, trust the process, and follow the protocol. She possesses a rare gift that guides her to pick the absolute best combination for each client in the Discovery Session and subsequent Core Intuitive Consultations, designing an individual program that supports each client to heal, rejuvenate, and step up to their full potential, feeling uplifted and inspired for future possibilities.

Homeopathic Gem and Flower Essences

Gem and Flower Essences are tinctures taken orally to heal the symptoms and causes of emotional, mental, and spiritual pain and discomfort. They are fast-acting for reducing stress and bringing a sense of well-being. They are particularly excellent for assisting one to tap into their own Truth with clarity of mind, vitality, and deeper understanding. They support one to function at their full potential by releasing fear, bringing hope, inspiration, and joy. They can also be used as a catalyst for growth and creativity.

These natural remedies have been used for thousands of years by many cultures and are gentle enough for babies and pregnant women. These essences leave no chemical side-effects and are not habit-forming. When used in conjunction with other modes of healing such as herbs or massage, they increase effectiveness and integrate healing more deeply and reduce the time it takes to get results.

Want immediate relief paired with long-lasting results?

How They Work

Similar to acupuncture, they open the flow of an individual’s energy, releasing “blockages” and bringing balance. Subtle energy balance shifts can create profound changes. They promote oneness of mind, body, and spirit to encourage deeper understanding, optimal health, and a sense of well-being.

Each person is unique, and the best results are attained when formulas are created specifically to match each person.

Clients that use Gem Essence Therapy can experience immediate relief with more substantial benefits over time. As she works with each client, Diane selects the Essence or combination of Essences to provide the fastest and deepest healing possible. Throughout the Gem Essence Therapy process, she continues to intuit and mix the essences to best suit clients as they progress through their healing. She also guides each client to get the most out of the experience by asking questions and listening to what is going on. Then they move on to additional challenges or aspects of the same challenge, yielding extraordinary emotional, physical, and spiritual results.

Over time, Diane’s clients become more confident by tapping into their deepest Knowing for clarity about their own Truth and sense of purpose. They become better at making heart-felt choices for the benefit of everyone involved in their endeavors.

Diane's Unique Gem Essence Therapy

What sets my Gem Essence Therapy apart is my proprietary technique in creating the blends themselves, my years of experience, and my intuitive and knowledgeable approach.

In the thirty-five years that I have been practicing Homeopathic Gem and Flower Essence Therapy for my friends, family and clients, I have seen profound results. My custom blends are designed to promote health and well-being. They are particularly effective for reducing stress, uplifting and stabilizing emotions and bringing vitality and insight to difficult situations.

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