Discover Your Inner Leader: How to Uncover Your Unique Path

DIscover your Inner Leader

Let’s continue exploring what it means to tap into your inner truth and follow your own path through listening, discernment, trusting, and choosing. We’ve explored what “listening” means—really tuning in to all the information you get during the day, from the “voices in your head” to the feelings in your body. When you start doing […]

Discover Your Inner Leader: Learn to Listen

Many of the women I coach are experienced professionals, directors, marketers, engineers, nurse practitioners, research scientists, and more. These women are highly educated and produce quality work, but before our working together, they have likely been passed up by their male colleagues—who may or may not have the same level of expertise. Maybe you’ve had […]

Amplify Healing by Combining Energy Medicine Practices

For the first year of my training in Taoist Self-Healing Meditation, I was somewhat baffled by the subtleties of energy. I remember walking around, trying to feel and understand the energy behind things. One day, I was looking at some paintings at the Portland Art Museum when I said to myself, “What is this painting trying to […]

Develop Your Intuition for Faster Healing

In my last blog on meditation, I shared how this practice can be used to uplift, calm and awaken you to your inner voice for sustained healing. Though meditation is a useful healing modality in itself, with practice, it becomes a building block for another tool: intuition. You may recognize intuition as a “gut feeling” […]

Meditation: A Versatile Healing Tool

We’ve been talking about healing as an important part of my coaching practice and how each client’s symptoms lead me to discover the underlying issues that need to be addressed. But you’re probably still wondering how I go about the process of healing. That’s a good question! One healing tool that’s friendly for beginners and holds even […]

Discover the Tools to Promote Healing

As we continue to talk about the role of healing let’s take a deeper look at symptoms. Commonly, symptoms are what bring individuals to coaching because there is something in your life that you want to change. Symptoms are the limiting, painful, and distracting aspects of your daily experience that get in the way of […]

The Gentle Reveal

We’ve been talking about how I work with healing in my coaching process, with a closer look at symptoms that clients present when they begin their work with me. What are the symptoms? I define “symptoms” as the limiting, painful, and distracting aspects of your daily experience getting in the way of functioning to your […]

How to Identify Symptoms to Bring Forth Healing

We’ve been talking about healing as an important component of my unique coaching process, and you may be wondering, “How do I know if I need healing?” The simple answer is that everyone needs it! The process of healing is about uncovering and correcting areas of stress that created the imbalances you’re dealing with right […]

Trust Yourself to Follow Your Inner Voice

Trust Yourself to Follow Your Inner Voice Let’s continue to talk about the role of healing in the coaching process. As I guide my clients through their life journeys, the key to success is progressively more profound and includes cumulative healing and rejuvenation. You will become empowered to choose your full potential through mental, emotional, […]

Is Healing the Missing Ingredient in Your Success?

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at the coaching process, broken down into three general stages: Stabilizing – reducing stress to create a calm, foundational space to do the work Visualizing – getting in tune with what you really want and need, so you can “see” where to go and how to choose […]

Walk into Mastery

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring what it looks like to actualize—or in other words, to see your vision or dream become a reality. We know that doing this has multiple components. First, there’s the process of tapping into your deepest Knowing to hear, listen to, and follow your inner wisdom to find […]

How to Use Structures to Support Your Vision

When it comes to turning your visions into reality—stepping into the empowerment that comes with actualization—you need tools that are both inspirational and practical. Getting in touch with your intentions and making sure that your vision is exciting, compelling, and aligned with your deepest truth is an inspirational tool. Setting goals to achieve your vision, […]

Turning Your Intentions into Attainable Goals

Let’s talk some more about what it takes to step into the empowerment of turning your vision into reality. We’ve talked about intention and making sure that what you’re visualizing is authentic, compelling, and exciting—the components required for you to commit. So now you’re at the point of feeling committed and clearly envisioning the outcome […]

Let Your Intentions Be Your Guide

We’ve been exploring the concept of empowerment through visualization, and sharing techniques and protocols that can help you to create a compelling vision, a powerful tool in getting you to your next destination in life. But what happens when that vision manifests? That’s the goal, after all—to literally make your dream come true, with focused […]

The Hidden Benefit of Visualization

While visualization is a great tool to use, with thoughtful skill, at a specific time and place to gain clarity or insight around a question, it can be so much more. There’s something even more profound and more compelling about visualization practice and what it can accomplish. When you develop and refine this skill, you […]

Visualization Can Unlock Your Authentic Truth

Over the last few months, we’ve been taking a closer look at visualization. If you’ve been following along, you probably have a pretty clear idea of what visualization is, but you may be wondering when to use it and how it works.  There are many ways to use visualization, some are particularly effective and supportive, […]

Five Keys to Make Visioning Work for You

Today we’ll talk more about visioning, one of the key skills I use in coaching to help clients get to their next level. Visioning is an incredibly powerful process—so much so that if it’s done incorrectly, it can get in your way rather than helping you! Let’s look at the five keys that help make […]

Finding Your “Aha!” Moments

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking about empowerment. One of the cornerstones we looked at is empowering yourself by envisioning possibilities. Today, we’re going to go deeper with this concept. It’s one of the most powerful and exciting tools I use as a coach to really get clients to their next level. Let’s […]

3 Tips to Make Your Vision a Reality

Our society focuses on results, achieving a pre-determined American Dream, and focusing on that “success” rather than ensuring that the success you build for yourself aligns with your unique and personal goals and intentions. When highly successful women seek support, it’s less from a need to be successful and more from a need to re-establish […]

Envision the Possibilities

Empowerment is essential to reaching your potential as a leader, improving relationships and communication, and developing your intuitive abilities and wisdom. It is also linked with your ability to envision possibilities! As you become empowered and move toward your deep knowing and authentic self, you will be able to step out of old patterns and […]

Reduce Stress to Create a More Fulfilling Life

Self-Empowerment is a crucial component of building a rewarding career, fulfilling relationships, spiritual growth, and happiness. However, in today’s world, we tend to run on auto-pilot, oblivious to the little tugs on our heartstrings that lead the way to our purpose through empowerment. When we’re under stress, it’s even more challenging to feel empowered and […]

Harness Your Self-Empowerment

Welcome to 2021 and all the changes this new year has already brought! Now is the perfect time to assess where you are and how to create the life you want. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share thoughts about empowerment, the most crucial skill you need for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Empowerment […]

Caring for yourself and finding balance…

One thing is certain for most of us; our lives today are very different than they were just a few months ago. It’s amazing to look back at what has transpired in the world. Even if you haven’t lost income and your daily routine has not changed much, we are just not living the way […]

A strange yet important question to ask yourself in these unprecedented times…

This may be a strange yet important question to ask yourself in these unprecedented times: Do you feel empowered? Now more than ever, women are being called to claim their power. In times of crisis, women are strong and resilient. Especially now, we all must look within. We must find that source of power and strength to make our […]

Feeling Fearful?

Are you feeling fearful in these uncertain days? When someone comes to me feeling fearful, the first question I always ask is, “What do you want instead?” Whether it’s just one thing now, in the moment, or a bigger vision out into the future. Clearly knowing what you want gives you the opportunity to make your best choices […]

People Can and Do Change in Fundamental Ways

People Can and Do Change in Fundamental Ways One of my clients had an exciting breakthrough. This reinforced my experience that people can & do change in fundamental ways to succeed.    Ann first came to Coaching wanting her struggling business to succeed. She was frustrated, overwhelmed, working long hours and had little to show for […]

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration

Take out a sheet of paper or copy/paste these questions onto a note on your phone. Jot down what comes to mind. Then feel free to reply to this message and share them with me! 3 Simple Questions to help you Activate Your Full Potential What does “Activate Your Full Potential” mean to you? If […]

Curious what EarthSky Gem Essence Remedies can do for you?

Let’s look at one of my favorites essences: “Trust Yourself” Originally I made this formula for myself. I wanted to become good at giving presentations. Problem was, whenever I stood up in front of 3 people or more, my knees and voice started shaking, my face flushed and hands sweat. Then I made up this […]

Who Do You Want to Be?

Whether you are mentoring children through their formative years stressed-out, overwhelmed, or in emotional pain, or wanting to learn & grow into your next level of wisdom and effectiveness The fundamental question I encourage my clients to explore is: Who do you want to be? When you know Who you are it becomes your “rudder” and everything […]


Who inspires you? I’m inspired by both of these unusual & amazing thinkers have and will influence generations to come. They inspire me because they each· walk their own path· go beyond the current paradigm to explore new possibilities· have the courage to follow their passions I’d like you to meet two individuals who have […]